Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Happy Wednesday yinz!! This is going to be a SERIOUS random post!

Below is my "cleaned-up" Marathoner picture!!  I got my co-worker to take my photo wearing my 2014 Pittsburgh Marathon Finishers medal!!! Whot!  I think I am going to milk the finishers thing for a long time!!! :-)

And this is a close-up of the bling!!!! Soooooooooo  worth it!! Yea!!!

 This is the field at work where my bluebird boxes are located! We participate in Wildlife Sustainability where I work and I have the pleasure of monitoring four bluebird nesting boxes!

I am happy to report - I had five eggs last week...this week I have five baby chicks!!!! YEA!!!!

The little bit of grossness pictured below was in my expensive salad from Panera yesterday!!! YUCK!! I NORMALLY love the fuji apple salad and got one for lunch. Apparently my Panera was out of RIPE tomatoes so they had these all throughout my salad - I think I picked out at least ten! They were hard and sour!! YUCK!!! Just leave them out next time for goodness sake Panera!!! Total grossness!!

Tonight I am going out to dinner downtown with two friends from work. We made reservations a month ago at Meat and Potatoes. It is supposed to be amazing! I am definitely getting the fried pickles and then not sure what else yet. The menu looks amazing! I promise to have photos!!!

Also, I am finally able to walk normal (still a little soreness but not much) after completing the marathon on Sunday so I am planning to go to HipHip tomorrow night (Thursday) for the first time in months literally!! I am sooooo excited!!! I will have pics from that too!

Hope yinz all have a great HUMP day!!!!

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