Friday, May 9, 2014

Jacksons Mill Spring 2014

I cannot believe that I forgot to post about my amazing conference weekend!!!! I recently went to the Jackson's Mill 4H Camping location for a conference! It was amazing as always!!! I roomed with Laura (AKA Nancy) and we had such a great time!!! We roomed in Jackson's Lodge. This is the view from our balcony looking out onto the camp!!

This is a painting at the Jane Lew truck stop! It is a local painter and I SWEAR that is Jesus in the middle of the war! See him, in the white clothes and sandals?!?!? No-one believes me! My favorite painting ever though!!

These are the lovely women I was blessed to spend the weekend with~~~ Laura in in the back and then Carm on the left and Donna on the right. These are three of the most amazing, strong, beautiful and loving women I have EVER KNOW!!!! I am so blessed that they are in my life!!!

Me and my roomie!!!!!!!

This is all of us waiting for one of the speakers to start!!!!! XOXO  I did not get any pictures of it but I had the honor this Spring to actually chair one of the meetings! It was great and such an honor!

This is an awesome stop we found just by driving around the town and killing time. They blow glass here and have everything you can think of for gifts...PLUS a stuffed bear to pose with! HA After the bear ate me - I made everyone get a photo!

 Here is Donna and Laura trying to be serious and look scared of the bear!!

Carm did not exactly get what I was talking you can see below...

 She decided to scare the bear instead!!! HA HA Love that woman!!!

I am off for an early lunch at work to go an mail out my package for the Color Swap!!! I am so excited!!!! I was paired with Sherri and cannot wait to see how she likes all the PURPLE stuff I have chosen for her!!

I hope yinz all have an amazing weekend!!!!!!!

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