Friday, May 9, 2014

5 on Friday

YEA!! Time for Five On Friday with the four lovely co-hostesses Liz, ChristinaDarci, and Natasha.


 My favorite day of the week both due to Five on Friday and the fact that I do not have to work for two days!!!

HEE :-)

Here we go!!!!!!!

ONE: This is my quote from the "Why Do You Run" board at the Marathon Expo in Pittsburgh. Thinking on the fly...HA HA!

TWO:  This is my bib and medal and also car sticker! You know I stuck that on the car within 1 hour of crossing that finish line for the Marathon last weekend!!!

THREE: I was amazing last week at work! I usually do not ever see the lobby as I use the side steps to get to my floor of the office. This week I used the elevator (sore legs from the race) and realized that we have a Foosball Table in our Lobby!!! I foresee a lot of lunches down there!!!!!

FOUR:  Speaking of work...I have these little cuties in my bluebird box at work!!! Five babies about 3-4 days old!!! Sooo adorable!!!

FIVE:  Below is a shot of my patio from the parking lot! I love Spring/Summer/Fall and flowers and more flowers and more flowers!!! Can you tell??!

Thanks for letting me join in! I have yinz have an amazing weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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