Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pittsburgh Marathon Update

This is going to be a very emotional post for me. I ran the half marathon last year just to try it and to see if I could finish.
I did no training other then the cardio I did normally - which consisted of a zumba or hiphop class a few times a week and of course a run here and there but no FORMAL training schedule. I finished the half and aside from feeling really tired it was not TOO horribly painful. Here is my proof from the finish.

This year I was getting ready to register for the half again and started questioning myself. I am 45 years old and have the onset of psoriasis. Chances are pretty good that I am slowly going to have the painful part of this disease which is arthritis (pain in the joints). When this occurs, I will no longer be able to run.  This helped me change my decision and I decided that now is the time and I should try the full marathon before I am no longer able.

I downloaded the below training schedule from the internet and set off on my training (The check marks indicate completed runs to date). For the first two months I would run four days a week (according to the schedule) and also still do my zumba, hiphop and bodypump classes about 6 a week total.

After those first two months, I got a really sore knee and had trouble bending it. I decided that it is probably due to over use (I was working out over four hours a day on some days) so I stopped everything except the running and of course stretching.

I am sooo looking forward to getting back to my favorite place on this planet, StudioFit, after the marathon is over on Sunday! I MISS MY CLASSES SOOO MUCH!!

So, all of this to say...I am not one of those people that has been bit by the marathon bug. I am proud of all that I have done....I will do my best to cross the finish line on Sunday...I will never DO this again. It will be checked off my bucket list as completed and that will be that. I LOVE running, don't get me wrong, but after Sunday I will stick to 5Ks and 10Ks with an occasional half - HEE!
I have missed a lot of family functions for this training, including my niece and nephews birthday parties. I can never get that back and those are the things that I cherish today.

I am in this weird place because I just found out that pretty much my entire family is coming in from out of town for this marathon! This is them below!!!

I am sooooooooooooo blessed! I never expected that!
My Mom and Dad, sister and brother-in-law and their three kids and brother and sister-in-law and their two kids! AMAZING!!! I do not know what to say! I am humbled by the support that my family gives me constantly!! They have been through soooo much because of me and now, today, still support me SOOOOOOO much!!!
I am beyond blessed!! I also have many relatives and friends that are cheering me on from afar! Again, WOWSA!

As for Sunday, I keep having dreams that I do not finish!!! Scary, however, I know I will never do this again and this Sunday I will cross that finish if it KILLS me!! I have trained....I am strong...I am capable....I am worthy....and most of all I am blessed!!!!! I have the best family on the PLANET!!!!!

God, give me strength!!!

Fingers crossed that I cross on Sunday!

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  1. Thank you for writing this post. These deeper ones with true emotion can be hard to write, but they are so much more meaningful for author and readers than "my favorite way to eat chia seeds" or whatever.

    I'm wishing for the race of your dreams on Sunday, amazing achievement to carry with you wherever life takes you from here.


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