Thursday, May 8, 2014

Meat and Potatoes Night Out

Last night me and two of my friends from work went to try out a new restaurant (new to us at least) in Pittsburgh called Meat and Potatoes.  We mad reservations long ago - apparently there is a long list for booking reservations so better safe than sorry. This is Jenna on the elevator - this picture was taken so we knew what floor we parked on in the garage - ha!!!

Here is the menu for Meat and Potatoes.  They kind of have a little of everything!

And the lovely atmosphere..we scheduled our dinner early around 5:30 but the place filled up entirely within the hour!

The waiter brought us our water in these cute little glass jars...

My appetizer is pictured below...fried pickles! YUMMO!!! Seriously amazing! This is my new favorite thing on the PLANET!!! I get them everywhere now!! They were awesome!

This is Jenna's was delish also! She had devils on horseback (sorry she got three but I forgot the pic before she started eating).  If I remember correctly it was a fig, bacon, jalepeno and something else! Fantastic flavors together and not hot at all!!!

Below is Jenna dinner. She choose two appetizers for her meal...the ahi tuna taquitos and the mac and cheese! YUMMO!

This is my other friends dinner choice...she choose the fried skate. Which we found out after is a Manta, really!?!??! She liked it - I think. HEE!

And my BORING selection was pot roast. It was delish! I shoudl start branching out and trying new things but I am scared! They are known for their bone marrow but I could not even stomach the thought of scooping out bone marrow and eating it :-(

Just out of curiosity...have you ever gone out with friends/date when the person or people spent the ENTIRE time texting under the table? I mean the entire time - I do not think that this person said more than ten words the whole dinner.  I HATE this! I find it sooo rude that I will actually decline another lunch or dinner with that person as I think it is so ignorant. An I being too sensitive or who agrees or disagrees...dying to hear you input and opinions on this!?!?! I said something (in a joking manner) during the dinner and they insisted it was IMPORTANT personal business that they had to attend to?!?!  Please give me your comments on this...

These are some eye balls in downtown Pittsburgh. They are actually kinda neat - they are benches in a little park area in the Cultural District. Interesting if nothing else!.

And finally,  I will leave you with my favorite thing to post about - my bluebirds at work!!!!!!! I have 5 babies in my next box! Well, technically, the momma bluebird has five babies but I pretend!! HEE ~ so stinkin' cute!!!

I was going to go back to exercise classes tonight (after completing the marathon on Sunday) however, my heals are giving me some pain and grief so to be safe I am going to wait until Monday.  

Hope yinz have an amazing Thursday!!!

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