Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Color Swap

Time to recap the fun!!!

I am sooo excited to say that I participated in the Favorite Color Swap hosted by Beth and in the process met a truly amazing woman, Sherri, that I can now call my new friend and bloggy friend!

My new friend Sherri can be found HERE at her adorable blog space where she blogs about her family, faith, fashion and other miscellaneous things!! He favorite color is purple!! Make sure you check out her blog! She is an amazing woman that has overcome some obstacles in her life and still has an amazing outlook on life and faith - not to mention AWESOME fashion style - which I admit I lack - hee!!

She wrapped everything in this beautiful tissue paper with ribbons and sunflowers and I thought I had taken a picture but sadly I cannot find it!?!?

Here is my note from my new buddy!!!

And now, onto the awesomeness that was inside!!!!  She sent me this adorable purse!!! This has already in two days become my FAVORITE summer purse!!! I LOVE the yellow and it is the perfect size for any summer outing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

She also sent this adorable necklace!! How awesome is this?! It will be perfect with so many outfits I have now and I love the brown beads mixed in - seriously so pretty!!! I am wearing it at work already today - yippee!~~

Sherri also sent me this adorable kite to do my own pedicures...awesomeness!!!

And some beautiful polish!!! (Brilliant minds must think alike as I sent her polish as well) :-)

Loving this Livestrong bracelet...I see a lot of people in my races wearing these so I am now the happy owner of one!!!

And last but definitely not least...I am so sure that Sherri got to know me by this last item! I was confused when I saw the white pillow case but once I opened it up it was clear! She really really got to know me! I LOVE Kidrock more than any other musician EVER and she hooked me up with my very own Kidrock pillowcase! Yes, you heard correctly, I am now sleeping with Kidrock!!!! THANK YOU SHERRI!!!! HEE!!! 


I love it and also love everything else you sent! I was thrilled that you read my blog and got to know me and sent everything that I would have selected for myself!! I am so happy to now have made a new friend in the process! THANK YOU AGAIN SHERRI!

Did you guess my favorite color?!?!?

And thank you, Beth, for hosting this awesome swap!! I cannot wait for the next one!


  1. Hi Ann I love this post thank you for all the kind words. I too am so glad to have made a new friend. Enjoy all your goodies, and I know you will be sleeping well from now on with your new pillow buddy. Lol! The fashionista in me is dying to see how your purse and necklace look on you. Please send me a photo if you can. Also I was wondering if you are on Facebook or Twitter? If so send me your links so we can connect. Have a great week!


  2. Did she make that Kid Rock pillowcase?! That is fantastic, and so unique! I love all the cheerful yellow items, especially that necklace. Well done, Sherri!

  3. Look at all that pretty yellow! So glad you enjoyed it!


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