Monday, May 5, 2014

Marathon Finish and Support

I had soooo much support for the marathon.

I finished in about 6 hours. I love my bling!

I was happy with that time for my first and only marathon!

No blisters but a little pain the last 10 miles-ha!

My family and friends made it all worth while!

Just looks at the pictures of my signs they made me!! Have a full race recap but I am holding off on that until tomorrow when I have more reflection time.

Awesome poster and a rhyme!

Soooooo awesome!


Sooooo sweet!

Love it....!

All my nieces and nephews are on it!!

Then they took me to eat here! Yummy carbs!! For recovery of course!

Congrats Balloons!?!? Awesomeness!!! I am by far the most blessed person in the planet! These are from my other sister that could not come into town! How amazing and thoughtful, right!?


I am blessed and I am a marathoner!!

NEVER AGAIN-but that's another post...ha!



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  1. Amazing job! The hand-made signs from your fan club look fantastic, real inspiration to keep a runner going.


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