Thursday, May 15, 2014

My First Blog Selfie

You know I must truly LOVE my new friend Sherri at GodLifeHappyWife when I take a selfie!

We recently participated in a Color Swap hosted by the Amazing Chaotic Goddess!!!

I sent her things of her favorite color (Purple) and she sent me things of mine (Yellow).

Everything she sent was awesome and you can read about it HERE.

I promised a selfie when I used the purse and necklace - well, here it is - it only took me a day!  I definitely think work will see these items at least twice a week! I LOVE a pop of color in a neutral outfit!!

And now it is really clear why I do not write a fashion blog! The pics of my style is horrible! You guys find these great locations with beautiful backdrops and even better poses to show off your outfit and pairing choices and I have a mirror in the bathroom!!!! HEE  Oh well, we do what we can!!

Thanks again Sherri!! I love everything you sent and feel very blessed to have made a new friend in the process!!!

Happy Thursday yinz!

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