Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WWTK - Halloweenie?!?

So what scares you?  Do you like all the creepy movies?  Grab the questions and play along!
Link up with Kensie and Scriptor.  They would love to have you join in.
1. What is one ration fear you have?   I have a terrible fear that something bad will happen to one of my family members - I mean anything from broken bone to something more horrible.

2.) What is one irrational fear you have?   I have a total fear of the dark when I am not in my own home.  Now matter where I am, including my parents house, if I am sleeping in a room alone then you can bet the light will be on.

3.) Do you like to watch scary movies?   I LOVE to watch scary movies however, then I get really mad at myself for watching them.  I get so creeped out and then I have trouble sleeping at home and we are back to sleeping with the lights on.
4.) Do you do haunted houses?   I LOVE haunted houses but just like above I get myself soooo scared that I have to sleep with the lights on at home! I never thought about it until now - I am not sure why this helps as if someone is not going to get me in the light?!?!
5.) Tell us about a time you were irrationally afraid.   Wow! This is an easy one!  A few years ago two friends convinced me to go to a real haunted house.  It was soooooooo scary!! It was one of those where they encourage you to take pictures while you tour the house in hopes that orbs or faces show up in the picture where they are not supposed to be! Creepy!!! I did not sleep AT ALL for weeks after that one!!

So what scares you?  Grab the questions and play along!

Link up with Kensie and Scriptor.  I think they would love to have you join in!


  1. JUUUUUSSSSTTT what I needed to read before bed...thanks!

  2. I don't do scary movies no no no or haunted houses or zombie runs. Nope.


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