Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Back to bed and re-start?

Ever have a day you wish you could restart? That was me...I got a new water heater three years ago so I never thought that little puddle meant I needed a new on already....I was wrong. Here is a picture below...it is hard to see but there is a little puddle around the leg of the base.... :-(

Thank goodness the heater was under warranty however, I had to pay for a new expansion tank and install :-(

This is my guest bedroom after emptying out the entire utility closet for the plumber to fit in....

This is the new water heater...exactly like to old one so chances are I will need another new one in three years....although I paid the additional 50 bucks to warranty parts and labor for five years this time....fingers crossed....if you are from Pittsburgh area and need a plumber, Brown's Plumbing is AWESOME!! They are great and quick and clean!

And this is the utility closet re-loaded....

In case you have not tried this...this is the coolest tip I ever got from Real Simple Magazine. You buy a heavy duty, clear shoe holder and hang it up to hold bottles, etc. it is perfect...I love this idea...here is a picture below of mine

Now, I am off to bed to curl up and have a pity party...starting over tomorrow. Thank God for interest-free financing....such is life! :-(

Hope ya'll had a better day than me!


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  1. Well on the plus side everything is clean and organized now ;) Be glad you don't live in CA hot water heaters are like $200 more here for some "emissions" crap.


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