Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Scream, You Scream...

 Today at work is the Employee Appreciation Ice Cream Social.  I have pretty much done everything as far as the planning, etc. so I am hoping this all works out well.

Here is a picture of the 28 ice cream scoops we had to supply ourselves along with ladles and aprons for our managers to wear since they are the ones scooping....ha ha!

We have Sarris (a local chocolatier and ice cream shop) bringing in the ice cream and toppings so it is sure to be good!! YUMMO!!! I will definitely post after pics tomorrow!

I drove past these cars on my way home yesterday...they were sooo cute! My sister and brother-in-law said they are called camo cars and that are prototypes being tested...I would like to buy one....kinda neat!!!!

And, finally...I have a date tonight! We are meeting at a restaurant near both of our houses.  He is such a sweet, nice guy and I am looking forward to seeing how this goes...wish me luck!! Lord knows I need it!! :-)

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