Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday

I went into work early yesterday so I could leave early and get all my errands done (pick up prescriptions, rotate car tires, etc.) and still make it to workout last night in the South Side.
Well, I got home and felt really sick and tired...sore throat, tight chest, headache, etc. so I decided to just lay down and take the night off.

I slept from 5PM to 8PM and then got up and watched Big Bang and went back to bed for the rest of the night.  Woke up this AM feeling a little better but not a lot....however, I AM NOT SICK!!! I HAVE WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too much to do this weekend to be you will see in my Five on Friday! This is the five awesome and exciting things i have planned for my weekend!!

ONE:  Homegroup meeting tonight!! Soooo excited to see all my peeps as I have not been able to make it to this meeting for WEEKS!!! Yippee!!! Also, prepare for the harassment and all of the "where have you been"s...HEE!

TWO:  Rivers Casino tonight after homegroup!!! I went here once before with Rose and we arte going again tonight! Yippee!!! I got $20 from the Casino to play the last time we were there...I used it and ended up leaving with a total of $ I MADE# 23 dollars!! Thanks Rivers!! I have the card with my $43 dollars on it and will be using that tonight until it is doubled, tripled or more thank likely gone.  However, I do not spend my own money...yea me!!!! PS - this is some seriously AMAZING people watching...I will try to get pics - ha ha

THREE:  Speaker Jam all day Saturday!!! I am sooo excited to hear from four amazing individuals that have been working recovery and have amazing lives - really awesome day of fellowship!!! 

FOUR:  Saturday night Halloween Party at Buffalo Inn!! Sooo excited for this one too...dinner, speaker and dancing all night - or at least until 11PM...HA! I will be pulling out the Mr. Potato Head costume again this year I think! Yes, that's me on the right two years ago...

FIVE:  HipHop with Kristy on Sunday afternoon!! What better after a weekend of no workouts (may try to squeeze a run in on Saturday afternoon) than a good butt kicking from my favorite instructor Kristy!?!?!? That is Kristy upside down below (amazing right?!?!) and her class with her in front below that (I am in the second row, to the right in pink next to the girl in black - that is my buddy Jenna)...

I am soo excited for this fun-filled weekend! I promise to post lots of pictures and also to keep you posted if I win the jackpot tonight! Then I can pay my own way into the Super Plunge - $0 donations so far...not looking good :-( 

Happy weekend ya'll!!

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