Friday, October 11, 2013

5 on Friday

Happy Friday y'all!!!

It's time for 5 on Friday...

ONE:  Who cares if my date has not called me since we went out? It's all good to be single forever, right?!?! What is WRONG with me?!?!?!?

TWO:  Who cares if I just lost a friend of over 16 years...I have been a doormat in that relationship the WHOLE time and the one time I stuck up for myself and did what I wanted; she walked away! I have plenty of other friends, right?!?!?!??! 

THREE:  Who cares if I am going to look like a cow in my giant, white, sparkly tutu tomorrow for the Color Run next to my sweet, skinny nieces and sister?!?! It's all for fun right?!?!? 

FOUR:  Who cares that I gained one freekin' pound OVERNIGHT from not working out yesterday and eating an apple dumpling from Trax Farms?!?!??!  You have to have at east one cheat day even if you are on DietBet, right!??!?!?!?

 FIVE:  Who cares if I end up being the crazy lady when I get old? At least I could have lived a long, fun and happy life full of family, friends and cats, right?!?!?!


I hope ya'll have an awesome weekend!!!!!!! I will report in with some lovely tutu pics I am sure!! HA HA

1 comment:

  1. haha love them! My trainer told me once you aren't going to gain __ pounds of fat over night. It's just your body holding onto the food/salt whatever. That's stuck with me and got me through a lot of weigh ins!


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