Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Everyone Needs a Little Variety

It's halfway through the week and I still have to do a recap of my exciting weekend! WOWSA!! Little too busy at work I guess...whateves....HEE!

This past weekend I got to enjoy such a great time! Every year we put on a Halloween party for the kids at Variety Charity.  Every year it just gets better and better!! We decorated the cafeteria on Friday, employees carved some seriously creative pumpkins for a contest and we got everything ready for the party on Saturday!!! Such a great time!!!

Here are just a few of the pumpkins that were turned in for the contest. Employees carve and decorate them and the kids vote for the top three winners...this year they were sooo creative...

Here is a spaceship...with little aliens!!!!!!!!!!

Then below you see a minion and a furry thingy...the two on the outside of the picture were both Cinderellas....they were also amazing!!!

Here is Minnie Mouse and a few that were carved to perfection!!!
 This is an awesome witch and next to that (the blue thing to the left) was was pretty awesome too!!

Then the little teacup...soooooooooo cute!

And humpty-dumpty!!! Seriously, people are so creative!!!

This is the cafeteria at work all decorated like a scary forest....the theme this year was storybook forest so people went is so many awesome ways with this!!!

Another clearer shot....(on a side note: I am getting my blackberry replaced with an iPhone so I should have better pics in the future-ha ha).

This is a far off view of the pumpkin voting areas...

Here is the photo room...every kid gets their photo in the photo room either alone or with their family - it is a great free keepsake of the event for the families - as if the candy belly ache is not enough of a reminder - HAHA!

Here is me before I left on Saturday morning...serious

And a smile...

I am definitely not a make-up pro.  This is in the car when I realized I may have rolled right on past smokey-eyed witch into prostitute....HA!!!! I posted this shot on FB and got a whole lotta comments!!! :-)

Here is one of my favorite costumes and people in the same shot!  This is the greatest Pirate Parrot ever!!!! His family made this costume and it look EXACTLY like the real Pittsburgh Pirates mascot!! And the guy on the right is Charlie-he is with Variety and he truly is one of the best people I have ever met!!! The man has a heart of gold and he loves each and every one of these children as if they were his own!!!

A shot from the side...

Here is a photo of me and two of my work buddies. Kathleen is the card...she volunteers every year with me and Jenna is the sword girl sitting next to me...this is her first year but I think she loved it!!!

Here is Jenna alone...

Here is Chelsea on the left (she is an amazing girl that I end up seeing at every function I participate in - she does everything and does it ALL well!!!) She is crafty and very talented...she actually made the photo set this year by hand and also sewed her own costume. I am in the middle and Jenna on my right.

Here is me and the lovely dinner guests....I was joking that this is my new date...definitely would be a step up from what I am used to!!!!!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the recap as much as I enjoyed the party!!! What a great weekend!!! Amazing children and it feels sooooo good to see them smile!!!


  1. What a fantastic party! Everything looks like so much fun. Love all the pumpkins and costumes!

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