Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween YINZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I hope you all have an amazing and fun night taking the kiddos trick or treating!!! I do not have kids and in my condo I do not get trick or treaters so I think I will get to the gym early and then carve my three pumpkins to get in the spirit!!!!!!

I normally carve them way earlier than this and light them up each night but have not felt like it this year.?.?.?

I will carve them if only to be able to sort out the guts and make roasted pumpkin seeds - MY FAV!!!!!!!!!

So, have a great Halloween and I will leave with pics of my adorable nieces and nephew that will be trick or treating a state away tonight - these are the times I sooooo wish I lived closer!!!!!!!!!!! Also also pics of their pumpkins which turned out pretty great (I think Daddy carved them)!!!!!! hee hee

My nieces were Dorothy and Glenda the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz and my nephew was a plastic army man.  Cute, hugh?!?!?! My sister made the army man costume (pretty crafty right?) I think she got it from pintrest.


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  1. Happy Halloween! I love your nieces' and nephew's costumes.


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