Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy "Moan"day

I dont have anything good to report.

I was sick all weekend although I did attend most of my to dos for the weekend.

Friday night I started feeling sick and then my "friend" cancelled for our casino date so I just ended up going to my homegroup meeting and then to bed early.

Saturday am I was up early setting up everything with some friends for the Speaker Jam 2013. It went awesome although I spent the WHOLE time blowing my nose and using sanitizer spray - HA HA!

Saturday afternoon I was supposed to attend a spagetti dinner fundraiser.  I ended up running by and getting mine to go...still in the fridge....

Then Saturday night I was supposed to dress up and go to a Halloween party.  I did not dress up as I was still not feeling well but stopped by the party to say hi and chat with some friends I have not seen in a long time....namely Joe and Pat!!!!!!!!!! It was a huge turnout but again, I went home after 1/2 hour and went right to bed!

Sunday I laid in bed ALL day!!! Aside from some cleaning and washing of my bed sheets - when they were clean I put them on and crawled right back in! :-)

I chaired my other homegroup Sunday night after a sad loss for the Steelers....and now here is Monday.

Even when I am sick the weekend goes WAY too fast!!!!!!!!

Hope you all have an amazing week!!!

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  1. UGH sucks being sick when there is so much fun stuff going on!


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