What I Call Running...

I am posting this just to keep things real.

I say on this blog and when I talk to people that I run about 4-5 times a week for five miles and one top of that I take a few Zumba classes or BodyPump classes a week.

I realized today that what I call running may ACTUALLY and TECHNICALLY be jogging to others - here is why...

I was on the treadmill today at a busy time in the gym and had a man on my left and a woman on my right. It appeared that their legs were moving wayyyyyyyy faster than mine on the treadmill (they were running-LOL)...so I will now say that I jog on the treadmill for 5 miles and am pushing myself to someday run!
Anyway, I think just because I was aware of it and pushing myself - I got my personal best time on those five miles according to my Ipod runner, yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 Miles
1 hour and 2 minutes and 31 seconds (1:02'31")
Pace 12:28 min/mile
Calories 744


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