Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy VDay Pictures!!

Sorry!!! Happy late Valentines Day to all my blogger buddies!!!

I am THE WORST at weekend blogging...sooooo Happy Monday and Happy Late Valentines Day!

Waliacha and I went to eat and to the movies with friends.

I used the Fandango website to reserve our movie tickets because I figured on VDay the good movies would be sold out (Little did i know...LOL).

So I reserved them (after clearing this with our friends) for the 4:30 show of SD Avatar!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHH - SOOOOO EXCITED TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!! They charged an extra 3 dollars for the 3D part and an extra dollar per ticket for the "convenienve charge" (believe me, no convenience here at ALL!!)

We met our friends Suzi and Jeff for lunch at Olive Garden (yummiest salad around) and got RIGHT in at 2:00PM...only like a ten minute wait?!?!?! Then found out that Avatar is 3 hours long (The problem with this is that our friend, Jeff had a prior commitment to "lead" at 8:00PM that night - problem!!!!)

So we took our time and had an amazing brunch/dinner and then headed to the theater where our friends traded in their Avatar tickets to see something shorter and Waliacha and I still saw Avatar...see, like I said, in the end no convenience....Oh well, it is really neat to be able to use a website to buy your tickets but only if your plans are CEMENTED in stone - in my life....that NEVER happens!!!

Also, Waliacha gave me an awesome card and crystal figurine and I gave him a huge bag of chocolate and pistacios (it's what he loves-LOL)!!!!!

Here are the pics of it all!!!

PS-If you have not seen Avatar - I highly recommend it........such a great movie with a great message!!!!!!!!!

Suzi and Jeff in Olive Garden...

All of us (waiter practically sat on the floor to take this)...
Me and Waliacha...
In the car....
Another car pic (can you tell Waliacha does not like alot of pics...LOL)......
And in Avatar with our cool glasses!!!!!!

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  1. I keep hearing good things about Avatar - I need to see it.

    Glad you had a fun V-day weekend! And don't worry about not blogging on the weekends - I don't think many people do! I'm a Monday thru Friday blogger myself. (o;


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