Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top Two Tuesday-TV shows

How appropriate!!! Top Two Tuesday!!
I am excited to participate in my first ever Top Two Tuesday hosted by Jimmy Choos and A Baby Too and the topic is TV Show Favorites!

I have a major conflict right now because I used to go to a support meeting on Tuesday evening and I have had to quit going due to this conflict - LOL (but not really)!!!!

Now my two favorite shows are both on the same night - TUESDAY - at the same time - on different channels....

HELP!! Does anyone else have this issue?!??!??!
Biggest Loser is the greatest and

Lost is the greatest....

and I do not yet own a Tivo or DVR so I have to watch one and tape one....life is getting harder - LOL!!!

So rather than suck it up and purchase something a little more advanced than my VCR; I will be staying home on Tuesday evenings from now until one of the two is over for the season!


  1. Great picks...well I havent seen Lost yet but we are about to watch it from the start on Netflix..I cant wait!

  2. Im a new follower to your blog. And I love lost...90 more minutes....

    Great blog girlie!!

  3. I have been living under a rock but literally have never seen either of these shows! I am your newest follower!


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