Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Girls Night Out!!

We had Girls Night Out last night. This is something a few of us girls that are friends started doing and then it dropped off for a year or so and we are starting it back up again - YIPPEE!!!
Approx. once a month, the girls go out and we rotate who gets to pick the activity and location!

Last night was April's birthday so she chose The Melting Pot for a dinner....no activity could be added as dinner alone took about 2 1/2 hours - wayyyyyyyyyyy fun!!!!!!!!

I have to add that Teri (one of our girls) was not able to make it and she was sorely missed but we look forward to the next one which will be her birthday so she is choosing the location, etc.

Here are the pics from the melting pot night (I look awful...be prepared...LOL)!!
From left to right: Sherry, April(birthday girl) and I dunking our marshmallow treats in chocolate...

Sherry and I frying our shrimp in the broth (one healthy choice-we fried in broth and not oil)...
I fried a piece of radish leaf - I think it was a plate garnish but I figured I needed all the fiber and roughage I could get with this meal!!!!!!!!!...

Sherry and April eating the appetizer (that is cheese sause that you dunk bread and veggies into) - sooooo yummy!!!!!!!

It was a pretty pricey place to eat very often - but, like we all decided - it was for April's birthday and Girls Night Out and WE ARE WORTH IT!!!!!!!

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