Weekend :-)

I have not had anything exciting to write about lately :-(

No games, no dates, no fun :-(

Work, work, work, Yuck!, Yuck!, Yuck!

But that is all about to change!!!

I am going to hang with my amazing family this weekend!!

Who needs a man?!?!?!?  Not me!!!!!

My sister is coming in from Harrisburg this afternoon and then tomorrow morning my Mom and Dad will be coming to Pittsburgh from Ohio.

They will all stay with me in my little condo.

Then, my brother and his family will be coming as well as my sister and her family - they will be staying at friends and relatives houses as I do not have enough room in mine :-(

Tomorrow we will be going to a pumpkin festival and outlet shopping and then on Sunday we will be running the Great Race 10K in Pittsburgh so I will definitely have awesome posts this weekend at least....please don't give up on me - hee hee!


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