Happy Monday

Hi all! Happy Monday to you all!

Weekends go soooooooo fast!


I had a great weekend - I hope you all did too!

Friday night I went with my best friend Sherry to dinner at Shouf's.  It was a combined celebration both for her birthday and for her 31st anniversary! She rocks - she is my bestest buddy and helps me daily to be a better person!! I have driven past this place many times as it is only about 5 minutes down the road from my home but I always thought it was a coffee shop. Jimmy took me to dinner here for one of our date nights and I realized it is an amazing hidden gem of a restaurant. If you live in my area, you have to try it! They have authentic ethnic food like Hummus, Grape Leaves, Taboulli, and Lamb Kakobs etc. Sooooooooooo yummy!!!!

Then on Saturday I went bowling with my new man Jimmy and his two sons....soooo much fun!! The scores are above their heads in the photo....Jimmy was first, both of his sons second and third and I brought up the rear with a grand total of 94!! HA HA! And no, I will never be asked to bowl professionally but I sure had fun (and to my saving grace his youngest son only beat my cause he used bumpers - but don't tell him that! HA).

 On Saturday night we took the boys to the Dependable drive-in for movies! Sooooooo much fun! I had not been to a drive-in in a long time and it was wicked fun!  We saw Smurfs 2 and Despicable Me 2 - they were both sooo cute! No pictures from there :-(

On Sunday morning I attended my usual HipHop class with Krsity (she is amazing) and went with Jimmy and his youngest son to baseball travel team tryouts.  He did really well and it looks like he is definitely on the team. Jimmy was more nervous than his son - LOL!!! This is a photo after they warmed up for a few minutes.


And, in honor of Shark Week, I have doctored up a sailing photo of my and my brother for my Facebook profile picture. I LOVE shark week!!!!!!! 

 Hope you all have an amazing Monday!


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