Special pictures of everything and HALLOWEEN

Here are the decorations (I actually painted the Halloween tree)......

And more....
And more...
This is date night dinner!!!!!!! Two free egg rolls with an order of ten dollars or more......

Waliacha's Happy Family.........

My General Tso's...
Waliacha cutting the head off one pumpkin....we actually "gutted" ten last night and we are carving faces on Saturday!!!!!!!!

Here is the dirt cake I made for the party that was cancelled.....that's ok cause I am taking it to my home group tonight!!! Hope everyone is hungry!!!!!!!!!

Here is a closeup of a worm coming out of the "dirt"!!!!!!!!!Pudding/cream cheese/oreas/butter - what could be healthier!??!?!??!? LOL

And the best of allllll.....
Since the party was cancelled and we have no where to wear our costumes...
He we are before the meeting tonight...all dressed and NO WHERE TO GO!!!!!!!


  1. Dirt Cake is sooo amazing! I think I might just have to make some now!

  2. Oh my gosh... your costumes are awesome!

  3. Man, all i can think about is how hungry I am now. I'm going to go convince my hubs WE need chinese!

  4. Gosh, I just put on five pounds and didn't eat a bite.


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