Physical & Heart Pain

Well, we are praying for peace and grace here in PA.

Waliacha has a little physical pain as he had a cracked molar that he had drilled and pulled yesterday...has a little puffy cheek and head pain...could definitely have been worse. He is a BRAVE man - and I love my little peanut!!!!! Feel better soon!!!!!!!

We both have a little heart pain as we are missing Marg greatly already. I cannot imagine how her family is struggling right now as we are her friends and are definitely feeling the loss and void greatly! We went to the viewing last night and her husband is soo strong and has a lot of family of friends to support him through this which is good - she is soooo loved and missed!

Well, everyone have a great Thursday and it is almost TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace and grace to you all!


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