New vacuum or new dishwasher?? NEITHER!!!

What a fun Sunday!! I was vacuuming and all of the sudden smelled burnt rubber...after a long investigation and fun with tools (screwdriver, etc.) I realized I need a new belt. I followed the instructions on my cleaner and installed a new belt - put it all back together and started vacvuuming. It was really loud then and investigated again and realized after calling customer service at Hoover I need a new agitator brush. The brush broke and they are sending me a new one for about 20 bucks after shipping was added...not too bad (and sure beats buying a new vacuum).
Later in the evening after dinner (by the way it was a great dinner of turkey chili) I ran the dishwasher. Waliacha and I heard knocking on the condo door. I hid the babies and Waliacha got the door. The neighbor downstairs came up to inform us that his roof and cabinets were leaking...oh no!!! So, I freeked out / like really freeked out / immediately thinking how expensive a new dishwasher would be and the hastle (and mess) of taking the old one out and installing the new one! Called daddy about what to do and who to call (what I always did before Waliacha) and this insulted Waliacha. Sorry baby...just a habit - you are my fix-it-man!!!
So, we turn off the dishwasher and Walt takes all these plates of and through inspeciation and investigation...we realized that the dishwasher had a spoon shut in the door and that was causing a massive leak through the seal and under the dishwasher and through the floor?? to the neighbor....
Remove spoon and turn back on.....issue solved!!! Sorry Neighbor! Sorry spoon! Thanks Waliacha!!!!!! YOU ARE DEFINITELY MY MAN!!! Always make sure items are completely enclosed in the dishwasher before running it!! LOL!!
YEAH!!! I love my old appliances - please do not make me purchase new ones!!!!


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