Top Ten Thursday 10/22/09

It's that time of the week again - the weeks fly by wayyyy toooo quick nowdays!!! So, I am again this week participating in the Top Ten Thursday (created by Domestically Challenged, It's a Beauty Filled Life, My Messy Paradise, and In The Mommy Trenches)!!
Top Ten Things I Do That Drive My Boyfriend/Roomate week on Thursday it wil be things that drive me crazy about him....start with myself, right?!?!?!?

1) I put everything away as soon as he is done with it, it has to get put away! Everything has a place. Including the coffee cup he just took the last sip from that he apparently was going to fill up again had I not already put it in the dishwasher.
2) I do all the household repairs myself, need to be more "needy" of my man and ask for help when nailing something - LOL!
3) Vacuum when I get home from work and before I go to the gym - only have a short amount of time to do this so too bad if he is in the middle of watching Judge Judy right?!?!?
4) Give him the silent treatment when I am mad - learned this from mommy - LOL or tell him nothing when he asks what is wrong - I have done this ALL my life!
5) Freak out when I see a spider in the house - like seriously freak out until he comes to kill! we do not capture and set free spiders....sorry PETA people but they die when they venture into my house! If it wasn't Waliacha killing them it would be the three cats! :-)
6) Explain how someday he can aspire to be "as perfect" as me...only kidding but it drives him nuts!
7) If I don't get my way......beg beg and beg some more.....a little pleading goes a lonnnnng way.
8) Try to force him to eat healthy food and cut out the "junk" (candy/ice cream/chipped ham/etc)
9) Make fun of him for ironing everything he puts on - including his t-shirts....what boy irons his t-shirts?!?!!??!?! I myself iron NOTHING!
10) I make him wear his jeans twice (unless something spills on them for real) before I will wash them. Doesn't everyone do this?!?!?

Thank goodness he still loves me in spite of all this!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh I make my husband wear his until they do get something on them...this recycling of pants could go on for a few days before I finally wash them. I HATE laundry!!

    Great List!

  2. I freak out for any type of spider/bug!

  3. Okay, you and me? Totally alike on #7,8, wAY alike on #5,but girl? I need to pick up your vacuum schedule! I wish I were that dedicated!


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