Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Steelers Win Against Falcons

Let me start off by saying...I am a proud Aunt! I love when my sisters and brothers send me pics of their kids!!!! I promise to always share them with you! I got this on Saturday...

My brother lives in Columbus so it is inevitable that my nieces and nephews will be buckeyes...it is starting early!! HA!

On Sunday, I spent the day with family again at the Steelers Game in Heinz Field!!!! The Steelers were playing the Atlanta Falcons. I got to go with my mother and father using my friend's tickets. It was such a great day! It was supposed to be hot which I love way better than having to bundle up for snow!

It is so hard to believe that it is October with the weather we are having in Pittsburgh, PA. It usually snows on Halloween and this year it is 90 degrees 3 weeks before Halloween!!! HA!

My sister and her family came down to the game and we met up with them beforehand. Their seats are in a different section from us but we got together for lunch before the game.

We met up at Local Brewhouse on the North Shore in Pittsburgh. It was great! Here we are....

What a great game!!! We do not have shade in any of our seats and it was 90 degrees! We just kept wet terrible towels on our heads and necks and kept praying for clouds!!! Great game though!!!! I think the final score was 40 to 17? Steelers won!! YEA~

Here is the view from our seats at Sunday's game!!!

When I was in Kauai, Hawaii ...I ordered french toast. When it came to the table; instead of butter or whipped cream it had Haupia (Pronounced halpia) on top. It is a square of creamy, coconut pudding!!! Yummy!! It was so delish on the french toast! Before I left the island, my friend Mariela bought me some so I could bring it home to make. It is sold as a powder that you mix with water and let harden in the fridge. It is the consistency of jello jigglers. SOOOO YUMMY!!!

 The finished product!

This is soooo yummy on french toast, waffles and pancakes!!!! It is a delish way to add sweetness without sugar or syrup!! YUMMO! If you love coconut, you will love this cream treat!

Have a great day everyone~~~

Anyone ever tried the locals favorite foods while on vacation and have to bring some home with you?!?! What was it? What fun things did you do over the weekend?!?!


  1. Congrats on the win! I'm sure it was because you all were there! I've never heard of Haupia, how cool that you brought some home - you could've skipped the whole trip, right? ;)
    I guess I've not traveled to anyplace interesting enough to have local foods worth bringing home...

    1. I have just recently begun traveling due to travel for work and airline points. It is one of the perks of work travel. I would not have traded that trip for the world! Have a great week!

  2. On our first trip to New Orleans, we had to by beignet mix to bring home! Yum! I love how close you all are and that your big family enjoys getting together! An awesome blessing!

    1. Yes, sometimes maybe we are too close - LOL!!! Just kidding! Yes Terri my family is a wonderful blessing in my life! They are always there for me and the other way around! I have never tried a beignet...from what I hear they are delish though!

  3. I love coconut, that sound delish!

    1. I think you can find it on amazon Julie! That's where I am going when I run out!! HA! Have a great week!


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