Thursday, April 30, 2015

Weekend Craziness and Five on Friday

I am gearing up for a very crazy and fun-filled weekend!! I will try my best to take pictures and post everything!

This morning I am headed of to the Convention Center here is Pittsburgh, PA for the Health and Wellness Convention. This kicks off the Pittsburgh Marathon weekend!! YEA! I will head dwn there around noon to pick up my packet and hopefully get my knees taped for the 1/2 marathon that I will tackle on Sunday!
After I get my packet, I am meeting two friends for linner (lunch and dinner) at Sienna Mercato! This is a new restaurant that features meatballs! We are really excited to try it!
Then I will head from there to pick up a veggie tray and go to Painting with A Twist to meet up with a bunch of friends from work!

Whew! And that is only Friday!!!

Saturday is planting and hanging out with the best boyfriend in the land and Sunday is my second half marathon!

Just to participate in Five on Friday fun...

Here are the 5 things that I will think about when running the half marathon on Sunday...
1. Family and how grateful I am for all of their support and love through the hard times
2. My body is a machine and it can do anything that I ask of it - my mind is what limits me!
3. How far I have come from when I was close to 300 pounds, smoking everyday and drinking everyday
4. How good it feels to have that BLING at the end!
5. I will actually make it back to the finish in time to enjoy something in the Corporate Tent this year...last year my marathon was 6 hours and everything was gone :-(

Happy weekend a little early!!! HA

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  1. Good luck on your half! Mine is next weekend and my hip has been hurting quite a bit when I run so I've not been running the miles I should be. I see lots of walking on mine. BOO!


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