Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Not Amused Mother Nature!

I have been DYING to go buy flowers since I ran across my first daffodil a few weeks ago. Well, last night I pulled the trigger and it is all down hill form here! I ran out to Simmon's Farm. All their plants are so healthy, full and live really long so I always go there!!!  They have the sweetest owner working at the location I go to on Route 19...I love her...she is the sweetest woman EVER!!  I got my hanging plants for the patio! I bought two fuchsia's (one red with purple and one red with lavender). They are awesome!
 Here they are on my cat stand...they will eventually make it out the the porch! So pretty, right?!?

I also bought two assorted planters filled with amazing variations of flowers and they too will eventually make it outside!

On the dresser in the right of this picture are the plants that I bought to create at least one but probably two railing planters on my deck. And also a few random basil plants because I LOVE basil!! Again, outside soon I hope!

The reason they are all inside is as follows...

 Yes, it is snowing in Pgh! I knew it was going to get cold a day or two but seriously, snow?!?!?!?!

I am so done with the white stuff!

I am not laughing!!! Bring on Spring!

What is your weather like?! Hopefully some of you are enjoying a little heat!!!

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