Thursday, April 23, 2015

First Holy Communion

Have to recap the MOST amazing weekend ever! I made a run out to Columbus to visit my adorable nieces and nephews (some of them at least) and watch my God-daughter/niece make her First Holy Communion!

What a great and blessed weekend!

It started of with many soccer games and lots of snuggling cute kids on soccer fields!

Here is one little superstar!!

And her brother!!!!!

 An action shots on the field...

 Then the true reason for the weekend began. This adorable child made her first communion! I love these kids from the bottom of my heart! Isn't she adorable?!?!

A little car selfie with her favorite Aunt (says me!!!!) HA

A little church photo of my sister and Dad and nephew! He was really excited to be in my picture!! HA

 That's my niece in the front turned sideways....hard to see, I know.

And the action shot of her receiving her FIRST blessed First Holy Communion!

And another shot...

Loved my sisters decorations!! This photo is of my niece holding a picture from when my sister made her First Holy Communion! It was so awesome and sentimental as both of those Grandparents have since passed away. Also, my niece wore the same dress that me and all my sisters did for own First Holy Communion! What a great tradition!

You can see the picture way better in this shot...

Here is my niece and her parents...

 A nice picture of my niece and the priest...

Love this one!!! This is three generations of God-mothers~ I am my nieces Godmother and my Aunt Marti on the left is mine! Great picture!

 This is my Aunt Marti and I doing a selfie...Love her!!!!

A little hockey on First Communion Day??!! I'm from Pittsburgh so there always has to be hockey!!!!!

What a great weekend of family and fun and blessed activities!!! I am one very blessed woman!!!!

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