Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stridebox April

I have got to tell you...if you are a runner and you do not subscribe to the StrideBox; you are soooo missing out! I swear this box gets better every month! SERIOUSLY!

Here is the loot I got this month!

It always comes with a cute sticker...

Two packs of these awesome energy gummies...I am planning to try these next weekend for a long pre-half-marathon run! LOL

This will definitely be used within the month - LOL!

Electrolyte drink mix to try out...

A little vegan running gel...I did not even know they made this...

These snack bars usually rock! I cannot wait to try this one! Double Nut Brownie...YUM!

This looks awesome...I love the name too!  Kind of like a powder form of the BodyGlide. I will try this next weekend too!

 And these heel cushions. I tried them last night for a short treadmill run and it did not seem like they fit my running shoes well or at least they did not stay in place well. I am going to try another kind of socks and then I will be trying them again on Wednesday for another run, hopefully on the trail outside, and it they don't work better then...they may quickly become cushions for my shoes to work outside in the yard.

 This is my new favorite saying from Pinterest!!!!!!

And this is how I feel about my life right now!!!

 Things are so good with workouts, work and personal balance! Everything is in sync and it feels so good! 

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. The heel pads were the thing that just caught my attention but you said they didn't work lol. My heels are so sore today after running with someone super fast last night.


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