Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pittsburgh Half-Marathon Prep and Expo

Hi yinz!!!

As usual this will be a picture heavy post! I tend to like those more than me typing...LOL!!!

The past weekend was the Pittsburgh Marathon weekend and what an amazing weekend it was!!! This picture is Friday afternoon outside the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in my beautiful hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. I went there around 12 noon to pick up my race shirt and bib for the 2015 Pittsburgh Half-Marathon. I was waiting in the line to get into the parking garage! The wellness convention is held in conjunction with packet pick-up and I swear it gets better every year!!!

Here was my parking spot...anyone else have to take a picture of where they park? I swear to you, if I do not I cannot find my car! I am scary old and forgetful now!

Everyone that runs the Half-Marathon and Full-Marathon get their name on the runner wall...below is mine!!!!!! YEA!

I got my knee taped up for free at the expo by Dicks Team of experienced chiropractors. I had this done last year and it was fantastic and lasted two days until the marathon. This year not so lucky...I peeled off before I had left the expo :-(

And the other knee...also peeled off...

I met up with this lovely lady at the Convention! She is great and I volunteer all over town with her for Cystic Fibrosis...she is a busy yet amazing woman!!!

And another selfie of the two of us and one of the beautiful bridges that we were racing across in the Marathon and Half-Marathon.

We went to eat with another friend, Kathy, at this amazing restaurant called Sienna Mercato.   I had the fried pickles and a spicy pork meatball on flatbread! So amazing! And best service ever!!! My coffee was never once empty and she was soooooooo attentive! Excellent!

Here are the three of us at Sienna Mercato...left to right is Carol, me and Kathy

I bought this shirt at Dicks at the expo! Soooo cute! Love it!

Then Friday night I left the expo around 5PM and went straight to meet a bunch of friends from work! We went to Painting With a Twist and it was so much fun! Here is just a few of the girls from work!

Here is a collage showing how different our paintings looked only halfway through! HA
An this is my finished product! I love it so much! Not sure what to do with it yet.  By the time I got home I was exhausted and very ready to crash and rest on Saturday in prep for the Half-Marathon on Sunday!

Half-marathon post to follow - complete with pictures from every mile!!!!! Spoiler! Whoop! I did it - I finished! This makes 2 half's and 1 full completed!!!

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  1. I bought of bunch of stickers and a roller stick at the expo I went to. My friend bought like 5 t shirts lol.


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