Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jacksons Mill Spring 2015

What an amazing weekend I had last weekend! My friend Laura and I attended a weekend long Conference in WV at Jackson's Mill 4H Camp. It is located in Jane Lew, WV and is very easy to find! We had such a great time and great weather all weekend!
This was like my 100th time here and it never gets old!!!

I always have a blast and with Laura it is even more fun - we laugh all weekend!  Like complete belly laughs!!! Get ready for a picture heavy post!

These are windmills in WV...who knew!?!?!

That's a close up of a windmill - there were like 20 of them all in a row in nowhere land, WV!

It took us about 30 minutes driving in circles to find this store that we had a brochure for in Elkins, WV. It looked so awesome in the brochure and it ended up just being a little corner store - lol! But we found lots of fun and cute stuff to buy anyway! HA! The store was called Hiawatha so we had to get a selfie with the statue we thought was Hiawatha - turns out, it wasn't was a statue of her mother. Oh well, a selfie was still in order!

This is a shot of one of the windmills headed back to Jane Lew, WV

We ran into this awesome lawn and garden store on the way back too. It was also fantastic!!!! We spent so much money on candy and souvenirs!! HA! This Bigfoot that we posed with is a garden accessory - life-size mind you!!!  He cost $3000 dollars!!! WOW!!!

Laura recently went on a work trip to the Philippines and she brought me back these awesome earrings!!! Seriously, love them!!!!!!!!!!!!  We're twins!

We we got back we wandered around and checked out the wildlife...these ducks were swimming around and dunking under to catch fish!

So cute

A picture with our buddy Vaughn! For as much as I tease him, I must like to hang out with him because he is in a lot of my pictures! HA

See what I mean?!?!??!

Then on Saturday we took a fellowship break and went to get our nails done...yea!

Ready for Summer!!!!

We made a few of the guys little cars with the plastic parts of a pushup ice cream pop! This is why we get along. We are both ADD and need to do projects to stay busy! HA They loved them!

Then we went to family dollar to get a good friend of ours his Scooby Doo coloring book and picked a few up for Laura and I also!

This is the last morning...we went out to breakfast to see the Jesus mural and did not get a picture as two men were seated in front of it...:-(

So this is our car selfie instead!!!

We saw this little newborn fowl on the way back to pack our things! What a great weekend full of friends and fellowship! I hope I never lose Laura's friendship - she is everything to me!!!

Home again...home again...jiggity jig!

I hope you all had just as much of an amazing weekend!!!

I am blessed and hope you are as well!

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