Saturday, April 25, 2015

Landscaper for Hire

I gotta say I love my boyfriend! I am one lucky girl!! We have been friends for a long time and we get along like a couple that has been together forever. We never fight and it is soo good - we just hit the four months mark! YA!
I also love his dogs and his house! I have always wanted a big yard and garden and it has been so fun planning Spring planting with him this year! This is his three-legged dog Wilson...he lost a leg in an accident and has no front left leg but you would never know it! He is so fast not to mention sweet and cute!!!

And this is his other dog, Neno. He was hit by a car and is missing his back right leg. Again, sweetest dog on the planet!!!

We spent the weekend cleaning out the old nests from his birdhouses on his property. There are about 10 currently and we are planning on building and putting up more (see what I mean, I love this stuff)!!! This one was infested with termites...look at what they did to the inside of the birdhouse...Its crazy!!

And this stuff is what came off of the sides of that above birdhouse! It was so strong it was weird! It was like an attached old nest - really crazy how hard it was to scrap this stuff out of the birdhouse!

Then we got these perennial plants...

And all of these...

And planted them here...

This is a view of the entire hillside. We are planting creeping Philox on the entire hill and adding these misc perennials in bunches here and there. Any ideas from any of you what would look good? This is so much fun to do - I am loving this landscaping planning!

Another shot - the plants look sooooo big in the cart and sooooo small when planted on the hillside! HA

I also love his house because it is in the middle of nature!!! Woods everywhere and nature everywhere!  I got a shot of the cutest bird ever while I was sipping coffee on the deck! Adorable, right?!?!

 Again, and as I always say...I am one blessed woman!!!

I hope you are all having an amazing weekend!

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