Friday, April 24, 2015

Foster Bird Mom

I think I have mentioned before that the Company I work for has a Wildlife Sustainability Program for the Company Campus. It is so much fun to be a part of! We are just starting the bluebird monitoring season and I am soo ready for some adorable baby birds!!!!

I monitor three sets of boxes throughout the Campus. It is great for a little lunchtime stress relief. We have a nature path that I can just go out on and walk around and stop by and check on the nest boxes.

Here is what is going on so far this year...

Both nest boxes by Building 8 have nests in them...should be no time soon and eggs will start appearing!!!!

Nest 1

And nest two...

We already have four eggs in the nest box by my building. She may lay one more egg and then start incubating. It is about a month from when they incubate to when the babies will fly away...QUICK!

Pretty pastel bluebird eggs!

And the set of boxes by the park has eggs too!!!!

Four very blue bluebird eggs!!!!! They are so pretty! Again, she should lay one more egg and then incubate. The momma bird will generally lay one egg a day. I cannot wait to show you the adorable babies when they are born!

 Happy Friday!

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