Thursday, April 10, 2014

ABC's of Me

I have seen this one going around quite frequently lately and thought it would be fun.  So here I go!!!!!!!!

Lord knows my postings have been lacking lately – HEE HEE!
A is for age - 45 (but I feel like 20ish!!!!)

B is for birthday – May 25th (yes, I will then be 46)

C is for color – purple!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE everything purple!!!

D is for drink – without a doubt has to be COFFEE!!!! My absolute favorite!!! Hot, cold, night or day!

E is for eyes - brown

F is for flashback – I miss high school!!! Crazy I know - but I truly LOVED high school!!!

G is for gent – There is not one currently! L  I wish I had one but I am just not willing to settle and the right one has not come along yet L
H is for hobby – running and Zumba and crafting! Oh, and Facebook…Is that a hobby?!?!? LOL

I is for indulgence - currently Cadbury Eggs (holla!) I ate a whole bag last night!!!!!!!! NOT GOOD!

J is for job – I work in IT – billing

K is for kiddos – only furry ones and scaly ones – two cats and LOTS of fish!!!

L is for love – family and friends!!!!!!

M is for music – any and all! I love everything from country to rap to my favorite which is Kidrock!!!

N is for nickname – Annster is my nickname…although no one calls me that but me! HA HA  Also my relatives all call me Annie so I guess that would really be it. HEE

O is for one wish – Do God’s will more than my will – some days are better than others

P is for pets – cats and fish – answered under children! Same thing for me!

Q is for quote – one day at a time

R is for residence – the great state of Pennsylvania

S is for siblings – two sisters and a baby brother

T is for temperature – the hotter the better!!!

U is for university – Graduated from IUP but attended CUP and Community College too

V is for vehicle – love my little Honda Civic!

W is for worst habit – eating when I am upset or stressed out

X is for xrays – no clue what I am supposed to answer here! HA HA (My last x-ray was of my back at the chiropractor if that is the question)

Y is for yuck – SPIDERS….soooooooooo yuck!

Z is for favorite zoo animal – I would have to say the penquins...I love them!!!!!!!!!!!

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