Thursday, April 24, 2014

Marathon Update and Countdown - 10 days away

Just wanted to check in and keep yinz all updated with my Pittsburgh Marathon status.

The marathon is exactly 10 days away!!

Wow! AMAZING!! After these past few months of training it almost seems like it is coming wayyyyyyy too fast. I am getting nervous!! This is my first marathon. I ran the half last year and decided that I need to do the full this year.

I M SOOO SCARED!  My family is going to come out for support and I am SOOOO worried that I will not keep up with the time constraints and will have to be scooped up on that bus. How embarrasing to have to ride the bus to the finish!!!

Actually, I am more worried that after these MONTHS of training - I will not finish?!?! No medal?!?!?!

Oh well, relax is all I can keep telling will be what it will be!!!

Here is the completed training so far....

So far since my training has started 15 weeks ago, I have logged a total of 375 miles of running (really jogging and walking - hee hee).

WOW!!! Please, Lord, let me finish!!! I NEED that Runner of Steel medal!!!!!


  1. Pittsburgh will be my first full also. Definitely a mix of nerves and excitement, a world of difference compared to when I did my first half marathon. Your training plan looks solid. I think you'll do awesome on race day!

  2. You are going to finish just fine! I know you will!


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