Monday, April 28, 2014

April StrideBox

 As always...Stridebox is my very favorite monthly subscription box!! I am not sure if that is because I am still training for the marathon or not, but it is always loaded with goodies to try out...each and every month it never disappoints!!

Here is the listing for this months box...I also like how it tells where you can buy it and the price for the product.

 Seriously!?!?!?! These were amazing!!! They did not last the day out!!!


 This was actually kinda tasty as far as a gel goes...I still prefer the salted caramel Gu one in last months box though!!

 These are in my desk at work just waiting until I have a craving!

 LOVE these drink mixes for pump and zumba!!! I will be back in a weeks time so I am saving these for then!!!

Another treat for when I am back into the Zumba routine!!

 And this awesome thing!!! This could not be better timing!!! I was just trying to figure out where I am going to put my gels during the marathon so I can reach them! I got the camelbak backpack that has pockets for them but I cannot reach gels from it unless it take it off and what a pain that would be when trying to complete 26.2 miles.
This will be perfect!!! I will store them in here and then shove it in the camelbak when then supply is used!!! AWESOME!!

Again, if you are a runner or into any sports and athletics; you owe it to yourself. It is like sending yourself a little gift each month and you can also try all kinds of new products!!!

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