Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014 Recap

Time for the weekend recap!!!  I figured I should actually write a post for a change instead of just lurking around and reading all of yours!!! HA

Sorry for the post absence AGAIN, but I have been engulfed in this marathon training and could not find the time or effort to write a post - lazy really!

 I hope you all had an amazing Easter - from the posts it appears that you have!

Mine started off right with ice cream from a place near my parents house. The whole family made it back to Mom and Dad's for Easter!!! I was soooo happy that we could all be together for the Easter weekend!!!!! I went up on Friday along with my older sister and her two girls. We made a trip out to Amish Country for fun before everyone else made it up there. We went to this amazing place in Walnut Creek, Ohio called Walnut Creek Cheese. It has EVERYTHING including the best ice cream on the planet! I get my chia, flax and hemp seeds there in the bulk section and they are soooo CHEAP compared to at home! LOVE that place!!! Also, have the best jellies, fruit, etc. YUMMO!!! Here is a picture of my salted caramel fudge swirl after one bite-ha....so delish!!!

After we got home, my niece Jessica and I took a little golf cart ride down the street from my parents to see the llama's. This is our selfie in the driveway!

 I made her wear the helmet for fun!!! The golf cart does not go more than 5 miles an hour even down a huge hill so she was about dying when I asked her to wear it. It was really for fun when we passed cars I would wave and embarrass her - they are used to this from me - ha ha! I think she actually started to enjoy it!! HEE

This is a shot of the cute little farm ....  it is a house down the street that has llamas, chickens, roosters and donkeys.

And this is a donkey close up!!! HA HA

I absolutely love the llamas!!!! They are soooo cute!  They have these adorable little bangs....this was my favorite of the three llamas!!!

I am still two weeks out from my first marathon so I had to do a training run on Saturday morning. I am tapering down for the next two weeks so at least it was only 9 miles this Saturday (last run of week 14). 

Here is my time...I am sure it looks really slow to those that are REAL runners but I am a very slow runner and I actually got a little faster for that amount of distance...yea me!!! My sister and mother came with me so I did not have to run alone. Because they live on a lake that is ALL huge hills...the only place to get my 9 miles in was a park near their house. The track was 1/3 mile each lap so I had to complete 27 laps. They did about 9 laps with me and then left to shop and were picking me up in an hour or so. They came back with donuts!!!! Only my family!!! And ate their donuts while I finished my run!!! LOL - Love those people!!

After that morning run everyone started arriving...

It was so beautiful out that we decided to get worms and take the kids to fish in the backyard.  We tried to dig out own worms but only found one skinny one after digging for 15 minutes so it was off to the store we went!!!  Here are the kids displaying the worms!!!

This is Aly (our little Diva) fishing...

And Ryan waving while getting a worm on his hook by Poppy!!

And this was the only fish caught the whole day! It was actually pretty big and Ryan was terrified and did not want to even get this close for the picture - ha ha!

Later that day we started with all the food prep including mom's famous deviled eggs - YUM!!!!!

Then that night it was onto egg decorating! The kids had a blast! The older girls helped their little cousins and all the eggs turned out GREAT!!!

It was a very serious process!!!!

I forgot to take pics of the Easter egg hunt after church but I am soooo happy that we managed to get this awesome picture of everyone!!! This is my parents, all of us kids and spouses, and all their grand-children! I LOVE this picture!!!!! Everyone looks sooo happy and it truly was an amazing Easter!!!!

Last, but not least, my siblings gave me this awesome wreath for my birthday!!! It is not for another month but they thought it was so cute I could use it early!!! I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much - it is adorable!!!!

I feel sooo blessed by this holiday and having my whole family together!!! Thanks for everything wonderful in my life goes to God and Jesus!! He is risen!!!!

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  1. Awww what a fantastic Easter!

    You ARE a REAL runner! Give yourself some credit lady!


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