Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tekko 2014

Time for my first (and probably only ever) TEKKO post.

I had an interesting experience this past weekend in Pittsburgh. I was invited to go with a good friend of mine to TEKKO 2014 at the David Lawrence Convention Center. It was a convention for people that enjoy Japanese Amine cartoons, etc. As you will see in my pictures, EVERYONE showed up!!! My friend Jenna loves Attack on Titan which is a popular comic series. She was dressing up as Hanji Zoe from that comic.

First, this is me and my friend Jenna (I am on the left)

This is Jenna dressed up as her character (Hanji Zoe)...hee! We actually made those boxes that she has on each side of her and the swords out of foam. It took many a lunch hours at work!

And another...

And now onto the pictures. This is how you know you are at a comic book convention...boys (Men) actually buy these pillow cases to sleep with...cant get a woman???...then sleep with a pretend one on a pillow?!?! Whatever works for you! HEE

This was waiting for us when we were in line...and yes, it is a man. His chest looked really, really real!!!!!!!!

These people looked amazing - I think Jenna said they were Star Trek people.(They were actually Star Wars people - this has been edited thanks to a reader- thanks for the information Jacquie!)

This person is supposed to be from Dead Pool...I have no idea what that is...this is all according to Jenna.
 She swore to me that furries would not be there. I have heard of furries at conventions here in Pittsburgh and they have a pretty scary reputation (sleezy, etc.) so I try to steer clear. Well, she lied! There is a furry!!!

Here is the Hobbit! They looked awesome!

And another of the Star Wars group - pretty neat!!!

And lastly, Jenna ran into someone that was dressed as a different character in Attack of Titan so we had to get a shot of them together. Cannot remember this person's name. Awesome, hugh?

It was interesting and I am glad I went. I will try everything once. The only downside was that you could not get a one day pass for this thing! You had to pay $50 for the entire weekend!! Little steep for someone like me who was just going to check it out. So, I would never go back again unless they did a one day pass for $20 then the people watching would be worth it. But, for this one time, Jenna was worth it!!! We had a fun day all in all!


  1. I love your pictures but I have to make a SMALL comment, not Star Trek Star Wars... 2 very different movie/show things. also the pillows are honestly pretty comfy if you ignore the naked chicks!!

  2. lol I would be so lost at one of these places too.

  3. Thanks for the information Jacquie. Shows what I DON'T know...ha!


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