Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hi yinz!!

Figured I better write a post and check in.

I have not posted but I am reading all of your posts daily. Just nothing happy to talk about.

I am still training for the May Pgh Marathon.  I am currently a month away and I think I am now nursing an injury :-(

I started having pain in my left knee a few weeks ago. After about a week I decided I better quit all the extra stuff like Zumba and just focus on the running and training. I have been doing that for over a week now.

It has not helped :-(

I think the knee actually hurts worse!!!

I was supposed to run 8 yesterday. I ran 4 after work and it hurt so bad that I decided to quit and go home to get my knee wrap. I went home and ate dinner and went back hours later to finish four more. That run hurt worse!!!

I am supposed to run 5 after work and I am going to see how it goes I guess. I have it wrapped at work and it has even hurt a little bit today just walking so this should be interesting! I am going to be really ticked off if I cant run after 12 weeks of training!!!

But, I will keep you all posted! :-(

I went to Starbucks today to grab a coffee...little treat a few times a week and look at my crappy, defective cup!!!

UGGGGHHHHH! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!!


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