Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Friday

Yea!!!!!!! I love 5 on Friday.

I am linking up with the lovely host ladies listed above for five very miscellaneous things!

ONE:  I left for work this am and I think one of my sweet kitties is sick. She was hiding under the bed and would not even come out for a treat so I am worried. Hope by the time I get home tonight she is better!! Prayers for my sweetie!!

TWO:  Today is my little (and only) brothers birthday (He is the older one below - hee)! We like to call him JC (for Jesus Christ) just in a joking way.  My parents had each of us three girls and we tease that they just kept trying until they got their boy.  He is an awesome brother, awesome husband and awesome Dad to his two children! I am sooo proud of who he is and what he is! I love you and happy birthday from me!!!!!!!

THREE: Tomorrow is the anniversary of my Aunt Marti finding out that she is cancer-free. I think it is nine years now but I have to find that out! She is the adult in the picture below - hee hee!  She fought ovarian cancer and won!!!!!!!!! YEA AUNT MARTI!!!! I love you soooooooo much!!! Thank for begin such an inspiration in my life as a role model and Godmother! You are an amazingly good person and I love you very much!!!!!!!

FOUR:  Marathon training is going well. There is a little more than five weeks to go.  It is very life consuming because you have to make sure you eat a certain way, sleep a certain amount, only plan things on certain days, etc.  I am pretty sire that this will be the only marathon I run.  I enjoy running and the health benefits but I think after all the effort and time that went into May's Pittsburgh Marathon; I will focus in the future on shorter 5K and 10K races and maybe one half marathon a year. Time will tell!!

FIVE: My newest obsession for my carb load (just kidding about loading but this is really the only day of the week I eat pasta) the night before my long runs - LASAGNA from Stouffer's!!!  This stuff is amazing! You buy it for way less than it would cost the buy the ingredients to make it yourself and it is sooooo yummy! A friend at work turned me onto it and it is amazing and cheesy and yummy!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! If you have never tried it, you should!!! Feeds at least seven too! Yea for leftovers!!!

I hope everyone has an amazing Friday and an even better weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy weekend yinz!!!!!!

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  1. You're a rock star with that marathon training!!

    My family would hate me if I bought boxed lasagna lol. That's everyone's favorite meal here.


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