Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 8 - Already?!?!

So, I just checked my calendar of Marathon Training Runs and realized that I am officially into Week 8!!

WOWSA!! Today is my rest day - yippee!!

The Pittsburgh Marathon happens at the end of Week 16 so I am exactly 2 months away!!!


Here is what I have learned so far...

I have learned that some runs are going to feel easy and awesome and others will feel like crap from the 1st mile to the last!!! No matter the length too! Sometimes 4 miles is a piece of cake and other times it is excruciatingly long and painful - weird, I know!!

I lave learned that I need to do some serious experimenting with gels and energy chews...I have no idea when to eat these and I cannot even usually tell a difference in my running after I have eaten them...not sure what to do about this.  Any help from you runners out there?!?!?!

I am begging and praying for mother nature to bring Spring...I cannot handle another over ten mile run on the treadmill....ICK ICK ICK ICK!!! It is awful!!!!!!!

It takes a lot of dedication to train for a marathon.  There are many days that I want to skip my run or switch the days out because I do not FEEL like running but I cannot.  I have had to NOT do a lot of things lately due to the fact that I have a short run or a long run scheduled that day...many things have gone on the back burner for this race. I think this is the first and last marathon I will run...HA HA!

Happy Rest Day to you all!!! HEE HEE

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  1. when doing my half training mile 4 and mile 8 seemed to work good for the gu's.


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