Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ipsy Loot for March

 Gotta love Ipsy!!! Each month it just gets better and better!!! It is such a toss up for me because I love Ipsy almost as much as I love Stridebox!!!

Here is my loot from March from Ipsy!!!

What a cute bag this month! I love this design sooo much!!

Bombshell eyeshadow! I have loved all the bombshell products I have tried so far so I think this will be great as well. Definitely need a night out on the town to try out these colors! The two copper shades are amazing!

This is lipstick from Bare Minerals. I love their powder foundation so I am sure this will be awesome too! I got the greatest shade too! Perfect for me!

Here is the box ...

This hand cream is awesome!!! I love trying all of these new products that I would never otherwise find. This feels awesome and smells just as good - it is my new lotion I carry around in my purse.

And this AWESOME polish! I love polish and this is soo cool looking! I am going to use it this weekend - it dries with speckles and texture....and the color is so cute and subtle! I think it is the PERFECT Easter color!  I can't wait to try this!

Here is what the polish looks like on nails...I borrowed this picture from the website for Nicole by OPI...

 Soooooooooo cute, right?!?!?

Well, again this month, Ipsy rocked!!!!

Check it out - if you do not already subscribe, go here now!!!

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  1. Girl!!! Wasn't this month's Ipsy bag the freaking BEST! My mom received the nail polish and I didn't :( I am making her give me hers. I have been wearing the eye shadow and lipstick all week! xo


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