Wednesday, March 19, 2014

StrideBox for March

 I know I say this every month but I LOVE Stridebox!!!!

If you are a runner then you really need to check this out!!

Here is my box this month...

Cute right, little green for the holiday this month??!

Here is the list of what we included in the box, and where to go purchase each product- LOVE this!

Got these cute little lace lockers. I am going to try these on my laces for my long run this weekend.  I usually double-know but it is such a pain to get them off - HA!!

The token sticker - they are always cute!

Recovery drink - Trying this on Saturday too (after the long run)

I am going to use this tonight for Zumba and HipHop...I will need a little pick me up after I run 8 miles and then go to classes :-)

Saving this to enjoy one day soon!!!!!!!

Definitely excited to try this flavor - sounds yummy at least!!!

I am sure this will come in handy soon!!!!!!! I gave up massages and manis and pedis for lent and my feet are getting beat up from all this training!! :-)

What could be bad about Peanut Butter and Brownie?!?!?! YUMMO!!!!!
 I am always amazed at how many full sized products I get each month in the Stridebox!!! It truly is amazing that it only costs $12 a month!!!!

Such a fun way to try new health and running products!!

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