Thursday, March 13, 2014

Still Training...

I figured I better check in and say hi amidst the Marathon Training!

I have not posted although I have still been reading all of your blogs daily!

My life consists of work, running and strength classes with a lunch or dinner with friends thrown in there (oh and a meeting here and there!).

I am over halfway through this marathon training and I have so many emotions already - I know WHEN I cross the finish line I am going to cry like a baby!

This is a lot of time, effort and determination (there are sooooo many days that I want to skip me training run and I have had to miss family things due to a long run begin on my schedule!)  HA HA

I know, once it is over I will be sooooo happy that I accomplished this but I do not think I will ever train for another one! I have great runs where i feel amazing and I know I have this and then there are crappy runs where I think I will never cross the finish line on race day! HA

Here is the completed runs so far (they are check marked on my chart below).

I am sooooooooooooo excited about race day!! It seems so far off most of the time but then when I have a bad training run it feels like I do not have enough time to train before the race - HA - mental games!

I know I have done posts on it before but I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE my Strideboxs that I get every month!!! It is only $15 a month and they have been awesome every month!!!

I will post tomorrow on what came this month in my box!!

Happy Thursday yinz!! We are almost there - Friday is soon!!!!!!!!!


  1. You are doing amazing! I thought I wanted to do a marathon and then I finished up my half marathon training and was like NOPE! Then my friend got me to sign up for another half. After this though, only doing 5k and 10k's for awhile (I tell myself haha)

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