Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wednesday workout

Again, nothing exciting to report...

Couple of exciting men lingering around so MAYBE sometime soon I will have something to report... SEE BELOW...

Here are my awesome new spinning shoes from my sister for Christmas.....LOVE THEM!!!!

And here is the counter after class tonight...I had to switch things up a little as the elliptical/jogging every night got old. I just dont usually like to spin during the week as the class times are late and by the time I get home to eat I am starved. I did not get home last night until 7PM and still had to eat (I was STARVING!!)

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

Something new to report...WOO HOO!!!! I just got asked out by "M" at work!!! So excited however, I am a big work is work person and home is home person so I have to make sure this is kept between us at work!!! Still, sooooooo psyched! :-)


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