Monday, January 30, 2012

Update Monday

This weekend my mommy and sisters came into town to go skiing at 7 Springs. I do not snow ski (do not enjoy it at all) so I only participate in the shopping day of girls weekend an skip the second day which is skiing. I loved having them here!!! I just love company!!!!

We shopped after work on Friday and then went to dinner at Houlihan's at the Galleria Mall and then went to see a movie. This is a photo of my sisters and mom before abyone else arrived at the movie...looking like we have the WHOLE place to ourselves....ha!!! We ended up seeing War Horse and it was amazing!!!!! Sooooooo good!!! I highly recommend it!!

I came home Saturday to find this.....cutest things ever, right?!?!??! I love when they snuggle each other!!

This was part one of my workout on Saturday!!!

And this was part two - yippee!!!!

And this is todays workout - part 1

And part two!!! Go me!!! Just an update with the weight loss as well - today I weighed in and lost another 2.2 this week!!! YIPPEE!!! Motivation at it's finest!!

I hope yinz all have a WONDERFUL week!!!!!!!


  1. Your runs are looking great! Or are they more fast walks? I can't tell with the time thing!

  2. I'm glad to hear you liked that movie! I'm going to have to go see it when it gets to the $3 movies here.


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