I Call For a Re-Start

Where I live in Pittsburgh we got hit with a lot of snow this week...up until now, not more than a few flakes and this week we are definitely feeling winter!!

Also, I have been working from home all week as I am sick with Bronchitis. Being sick really stinks although I do need to be grateful to have the ability to work from home.

Plus, this Markie thing has realy thrown me for a loop...

2012 looked really great until about 1/2 day into it and now I have decided that I want to call a re-start!!!

Who's with me?!?!??!


  1. What's the Markie thing?

    That's good you can work from home but if you are sick I bet you just want to sleep or watch tv!

  2. how wonderful would that be to be able to hit restart


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