Almost Time to go Home - Thursday

It is my second to the last day here in Tempe and we had a long day of classwork and presentation time for fun all day...

After dinner, I went to the gym and did my usual nightly workout for this week which is 30 minutes jogging on the treadmill and then 60 minutes on the elliptical machine...and, again, I was the only one in is kinda nice to have the whole gym at the Tempe Mission Palms to myself...lovin' it!!!!!

Here is the photo before I worked out...soooo clean and welcoming...

And I decided to sit outside after and take in this amazing was about mid-60's and soooo nice!!!

So I thought, why not relax in the hottub...and again, all alone chillin on the roof in the hottub....HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!

Lovin life at the Tempe Mission Palms........cannot wait to come back here next month!!!

Beautiful, isn't it?!???!

I hope everyone else is having a great week also!!!!!

I have personally been filling my brain with knowledge all day and my body with relaxation and health all night....

Who needs a man?!???!?!

Life is good!!!!!!!!!!


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